Our Cross-country Trip UT to Jackson

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

day 3: Logan, Utah to Jackson, Wyoming (June 29, 2010)

Well, the person who told me you could buy wine at the grocery store was wrong. page1image1798016But the State liquor store is open pretty late, so it was all good. The grocery store did have an impressive array of gluten-free items, though, way more than at our local Safeway (read as zero). Unfortunately, we spent too long at Border’s and by the time we went to the grocery store for stuff for dinner, to the State Liquor Store for wine and the campground, made dinner and put up the tent, it was quite dark. TONS OF BUGS. I had just waxed philosophical to James about how I grew up camping back East and was really used to bugs flying around, moths in the lantern, etc., when they just got too close. Yuck Moth in the face is a bit much. The river was right next to us, so we were serenaded by it all night again, and actually slept better this time. The moon was not as huge and bright as the previous night, so that was good. Gwen slept like a ROCK. (Also good.)

Got up at the crack of dawn again, but this time had a fabulous breakfast. We made pancakes and eggs with chicken and cheese. YUM. Put up the tent, etc., and took off in search of Tony Grove, as we headed up Logan Canyon. Unfortunately, we were a little unclear on where exactly we were going and ended up turning around just before the turnoff and driving the 20 miles back to Forest Service HQ to ask. We REALLY saw the canyon. It’s worth 3 trips. One very cool thing was Ricks Spring, which is basically a creek that comes gushing up out of a cave in the side of the mountain. It was pretty nifty. I’ve never really seen anything like it. Apparently the river sends some water underground and it comes up again a few miles later at this spring.

Found Tony Grove and went up to the top- a nice little lake. Walked around the lake, Gwen got her paws wet, although didn’t swim this time. Took a long nature trail around the lake (probably a mile and a half or so),, and came back down. It’s nice to be able to make stops, take side roads, turn around and go back, all the things we couldn’t do on bus tours. The down side is that we usually get in late to wherever we are going. Today was no exception. By the time we stopped at Bear Lake for a late lunch and then drove on, we didn’t get in until after 7. NO SHOWER all day! Yuck. Finally showered at the B&B and promised each other not to do that again. Had a lovely dinner at Calico Italian Restaurant just down the street.

Worst weather: dust storm, Afton, WY
Funniest waitress line: “I’m easy.” – Calico Restaurant, Jackson, WY

Worst moment of panic: arriving at the B&B and not finding anyone, walking in and seeing the name of our room indicated as upstairs, going up the stairs and finding 2 bunked twin beds at the top of stairs in an open room looking over the living room area with only a curtain to pull across the opening. – the Sassy Moose, Jackson, WY

Best new dessert: Raspberry Fizz- vanilla ice cream, raspberry sauce and sprite- Garden City, UT

Best dinner: Spinach salad with pear and walnuts, seared scallops and wild mushroom/asparagus risotto and dessert of berry medley with mango sorbet, Grand marnier cream and chocolate sauce- calico Restaurant, Jackson, WY

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