Our Cross-Country Odyssey

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 1: Mountain View to Elko, Nevada (June 27, 2010)

Got up at the crack of dawn (well, 6 am feels early when you stay up for the contra dance the night before) and left by 8:30 am- possibly a record for James and me. Drove and drove and drove. We did 568 miles in 9 hours and 12 minutes. Okay, James drove said miles in said hours. We were very happy to get to our campsite while it was still light, though, a beautiful spot in the Lamoile Canyon in Nevada. There are lots of little hidden canyons and beautiful stuff in Nevada, if you get off I-80.

Favorite signs:
Jimboys’ Tacos in Roseville, CA

Sign saying “report shooting from highway 1-800-…” with bulletholes on I-80 between Carlin and Elko, NV

The Stumble Inn in Elko, NV

Day 2: Elko, Nevada to Logan, Utah (June 28, 2010)

Had a really nice hike in the morning at Lamoile Canyon. Okay, so it was really a nature trail of 1/2 mile. What can you expect of us at 8,000 feet in elevation? It was really pretty- idyllic stream, beautiful mountains, NOBODY in sight, a cool beaver dam and pond… And Gwen was very thrilled with this stop, since she got to swim. She chased a stick into the beaver pond repeatedly- a very happy dog. Actually, she has gotten to swim twice in 2 days, so she’s really stoked.

The highlight of our day might be the shower at the Flying J in Wells, NV. The problem with remote, beautiful campgrounds is that they have “pit toilets, no showers.” Oh joy. Good thing there are Flying J’s all over the country! We are now at the Border’s in Logan, UT, catching up on our email and podcasts. Can’t be more than one whole day without an internet connection! After we get our fix, we’ll pick up dinner at the grocery store and head on into Logan Canyon. We’ve got reservations at what should be another stunning campground (but also “ptns”). We’ve been told we can buy wine at the supermarket in Utah now, so hopefully, dinner will be fabulous. James wants beef stew…

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